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We at Private Explorers are all deeply committed to Africa, the company is 100% totally local owned and we have a strong commitment to giving back to communities surrounding tourist attractions so we promise that 20% of our income goes directly to support the most vulnerable people, especially children. We only work with businesses, lodges, and safari elements that are active in supporting local communities and the environment. Funding them with the basic necessities like schools, food, and water wells isn’t something we think twice about, it’s just the right thing to do.

Contributing to society will not only help a person for a better life but can also be highly de-stressing. We, at Private Explorers, are working towards contributing to the welfare of the communities around us, one such project is our collaboration with Tuleeni Orphans home, a special place in Tanzania that provides shelter to homeless children. 

The Swahili word Tuleeni means ‘care us’. Every child needs care, love, peace, education, and all daily basic needs including food, shelter and clothes. Tuleeni started by Mama Faraji in 2005, created to overcome problems left to the children after their parents died or don’t have the ability to take care of their children.

Why do we need your help!

In Tanzania, there are approximately 4 million children under 14 who are not appropriately cared for (the country has a total population of over 50 million people). A big part of these children are orphans, many of which have lost their parents or were left helpless due to poverty. Even if the children still have both parents, they often left their homes because of extreme poverty of the parents or domestic violence, which is often caused by the parents’ alcoholism or drug abuse, or because of being victims of witchcraft.

Many of these children live on the streets, trying to make a living by begging, stealing, and doing other bad behavior activities. These children can be seen wearing tattered cloth, walking alone or in small groups through the streets of cities, sleeping in house entrances or primitive self-made shelters. Other children who don’t have a family don’t actually live on the streets, but with relatives or host families, having to stand behind the host families’ own children in terms of nutrition, accommodation, and education. Whereas boys usually prefer to live on the streets, staying with other families is the typical option for girls. In their host families, they are often abused as “working slaves” or find themselves in the lowest position in society, often being the target of physical violence, humiliation, and sexual abuse.

What do they need?

Tuleeni believes in education. The number of children has increased dramatically and there is a lack of funds to cater to the various needs of these children especially food, education, and healthcare. The greatest challenge the orphanage is currently facing is securing sponsors for all the children. They operate by donors and friends’ funds; their yearly budget is approximately $42,000. They spend more than $26,000 a year to send children to school. Despite having small projects that help in running the orphanage, they still rely heavily on international donors and well-wishers. We are appealing to all well-wishers who wish to volunteer or are willing to donate to this project and make these children’s dreams come true.

How can you contribute?

Any small donation or contribution as per your will is appreciated and accepted with great love and respect. If you wish to contribute towards this project then you can contact our sales executive who is handling your booking and they will assist you accordingly.

Your gift of 5$, 10$, or even $20 a month, will provide critical assistance when and where it’s most needed. You’ll help children and families survive challenges brought by poverty and have real hope for a bright future.

DONATE BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Reference No and Booking No is PE2022 https://shop.directpay.online/paymybills/TuleeniOrphansHome

GOFUNDME LINK: https://gofund.me/aaa2861c

DONATE MONTHLY: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=3BBZBW5J254P8

Visit their website for more information www.tuleenihome.org