Booking & Payment Terms

Terms and Conditions

Price Quote and Booking Procedure

To book a trip, contact us with your desired activities and destinations. We will work with you to create the ideal itinerary and accommodations to fit within your budget. Along with this, we may also offer some other activities that fit your interests.

We recognises that most people do not get many opportunities for such a trip, therefore we put all our efforts into making this a safe and memorable journey for you. For that reason, you might find that we are not the lowest price tour operator that can be found. However, be aware that there are always details that some operators will be willing to omit in order to offer a lower price.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest value trip possible. 

Payment and Cancellations

After an itinerary is agreed upon, a 40% deposit payable by wire transfer (through bank or services such as Western Union) is required to hold your reservation. We are sorry but due to bank restrictions, credit and bank card payments can only be processed when presented in person. Unless final payment is to be made by bank/credit card, it is due no later than 7 days before the tour starts.


We acts as an agent for hotels, lodges and facilities provided by other parties, firms or corporations and cannot be held responsible for delays, loss, damage, injury or accident or change of itineraries which may occur through the negligence of any individual company entrusted with such service.

The company cannot be held responsible for any occurring loss of personal valuables (e.g. camera, laptop, mobile phone, money etc.) during the activities. The client has to ensure, that at all times, they take care of their properties.

Place of Jurisdiction

The company’s contract is governed by and constructed in accordance with the law of Tanzania. Accordingly, each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Tanzanian courts to settle any dispute or matter arising under the contract.

Cancellation Policy

We recommend trip insurance for all travellers to minimize loss in cases of cancellation. Postponements made by clients after a deposit has been made will result in the deposit being applied to the new itinerary. Lodge and permanent tented camps may have stricter loss of deposit policies that will force us to deduct any amount retained by the lodges.

Cancellation of a holiday must be done in writing and is effective from the date we receive the written notification. Reservations that are cancelled, reduced in length of stay or reduced in numbers of participants are subject to cancellation charges.


We strongly advises any client to take care of adequate insurance against all risks with a sufficient sum. The company does not provide any medical care and does not accept liability for any inadequate care provided. Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travellers to obtain coverage for themselves, travel companions and family members to cover unforeseen travel issues such as cancellations, interruptions, delays, lost/stolen/ damaged travel documents and property, medical, and emergency transportation.

We shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses caused to any traveler in connection with dangers and risk inherent in sporting and adventure activities, climatic conditions, accidents or illness, mechanical or construction failure or difficulties, social or labor unrest, local laws, abnormal conditions or developments, acts of God or any other actions, omission or conditions outside our control.